About Aurora

The Aurora property in Peru

The Aurora Model

The Aurora model of discipleship holistically integrates “Word” and “Deed” through Gospel-proclamation and by addressing physical needs in communities. This model includes a visual media gospel presentation followed by discipleship listening groups. Individuals whose hearts are transformed by God are then empowered to care for their communities.

Phase 1: Word

Missions workers show the JESUS Film in the heart-language of an indigenous people to find new believers. These new believers indicated a commitment to give their lives to Jesus. The group of new believers is asked to identify a man of integrity and character to be “the man of peace” for a community. The man of peace is given an audio-Bible in the presence of his fellow villagers and he is entrusted with a hosting an audio-Bible listening group every week. This way the individuals who are hungry to learn more about God are able to feed themselves on His Word.
A study found that one year after a gospel presentation only 2% of believers were still walking with God without discipleship. However, when the gospel presentation is followed by listening discipleship groups, that same study showed that there is 200% growth in the number of believers! The Word of God in an audio-format that remote peoples from oral cultures can access is an essential catalyst in church-planting movements around the world.

JESUS Film showing

Indigenous leaders getting audio Bibles for the first time in their language

Phase 2: Deed

It is essential to address both the spiritual and the physical needs of a community. To accomplish this, individuals whose hearts have been transformed by God are empowered to care for their own communities. These individuals have the love of God in their hearts for their people and will selflessly use their power to benefit their people. Community development includes health and dental education, agriculture training, access to clean water, and further Bible training.

Indigenous family receiving health care

Water filters for indigenous families