How it Began

In 1998, David and Stephanie Palusky were called to the Peruvian Amazon through a remarkable series of events and began to develop a relationship with believers in the U* community. They made a number of trips to the rural communities and on one trip an U* pastor took David aside. He took a Bible and holding it up said, “My people can’t read this.” As David mulled this over in his mind, God gave him the idea to develop solar-powered projectors and audio-Bibles so that remote oral cultures can have the Word of God in a way that they can receive it.

David and a U* friend at the Aurora property

Since that time, God raised up a Brazilian missionary named Marcos to serve this indigenous people. Marcos frequently travels to the U* communities to encourage the Church and work with the indigenous missionaries who want to take the Word of God to unreached villages. He and the missionaries go far back into the jungle to the remotest communities, showing the JESUS Film and starting discipleship listening groups with audio-Bibles in the U* language. Within the year, the new believers were asking questions and wanted to find out more.

David and Marcos

At this time, David and Stephanie were able to purchase the Aurora property, and a conference was held to build up these new believers who wanted to find out more about God. Conferences have taken place at Aurora for the last four years. In addition to times of teaching and worship, the conference also offers attendees opportunities to benefit from medical services, dental services, health training, sessions on small engine repair and fútbol! At the last conference, a number of indigenous women learned to read and demonstrated their new skill at the public meeting - this was very exciting as it was previously thought impossible! In addition to using the land for conferences, it is available to YWAM, JESUS Film, Global Recordings Network (GRN), Wycliffe, and Heart Sounds International as they serve the Peruvian indigenous. To see a video about the Aurora Project in Peru, check out the videos page.

Future Plans

  1. Build a recording studio to record audio-Bibles and the JESUS Film in 10-30 indigenous languages spoken by river basin peoples in the region. Aurora’s team in Peru already has recording candidates among the A*, the H* and the C*. We also plan to partner with other ministries who serve the indigenous through audio-recordings. This recording studio is part of the development of Aurora as a center for discipleship and community health.
  2. Establish literacy training, a Bible school and an agricultural school on the property.
  3. Build more housing as people will live there year round to work on agricultural development, the Bible school and do JESUS Film and Bible recordings.
A U* family at the Aurora property

U* girls visiting the Aurora property