Interested in seeing a lasting transformation in unreached people groups?

Our partner ministries have discovered a powerful strategy for starting indigenous-led church planting movements all over the globe. We call it the The Reach Strategy. Here's how it works:

The Commission

God has clearly told us we are to:

  1. Preach the Gospel, and
  2. Disciple all Nations (Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15).

But how do we do it?

The Reality

Most unreached people groups are oral-based cultures where the majority of the people do not read or write. Even if the Bible has been translated into their language, they cannot read it. Fortunately, the Lord has been gracious to use groups like Faith Comes By Hearing and the JESUS Film Project who have been working for years so that over 650 languages of the audio Bible New Testament and over 1,100 languages of the JESUS Film are now available, and more are being produced every day!

The Presentation

We start with a video Gospel presentation. The Vista movie presentation systems allow us to show the JESUS Film to 200, 500, or even 1000 people at a time, in their own language. Worldwide, after the presentation an average of 10% of the viewers will give their lives to Christ!

The Challenge

The startling reality is that without intentional discipleship, as low as 2% of those decisions for Christ will last a single year.

A Solution

Following the Gospel presentation with copies of the audio Bible, train the new local believers to form listening groups using an audio Bible in their language so that they can study to God's Word together, discuss it, and pray with one another. The Holy Spirit does the rest of the work!

The Research:

Missionary researchers showed a video Gospel presentation to 500 different villages in India and observed how following up using an audio Bible might change these statistics. Each of the 500 villages held weekly Bible listening groups totaling 6,150 listeners the first week. Local workers visited weekly and missionaries visited monthly for 6 months.

The Result

After 6 months, the 6,150 grew to over 15,000 people meeting in Bible listening groups! The believers had multiplied and birthed 350 new churches!