The Team

Aurora Founders

David and Stephanie Palusky were called to the Peruvian Amazon through a remarkable series of events and began to develop a relationship with believers in the U* community in 1998. David was faced with this question: "How can we present the Gospel to remote people and empower their native leaders to disciple their own tribes?"The tribe lived deep in the jungle without electricity or generators. David then drew on his electrical engineering background, and began creating portable solar-powered movie players and P.A. systems. Seeing that there was also a need for community development and health education, the Palusky's were able to purchase the Aurora property, and hold a conference to build up these new believers who wanted to find out more about God. Since then, conferences have taken place at Aurora for the last four years.

Aurora's U.S. Staff

Sarah Toulassi is the field director for Aurora International. She previously served overseas in Ukraine and with the JESUS Film as the Africa Coordinator.

Boniface Toulassi is a training consultant for Aurora while he is pursuing his PhD. He served with Campus Crusade for 10 years in Togo with the JESUS Film and on Campus.

Aurora's Peru Team

Anny Ogando is a teacher from the Dominican Republic who is partnering with JESUS Film to translate and record remote languages in the Amazon Basin. She also trains the indigenous missionaries how to show the JESUS Film and disciple using audio Bibles.

Bridget Carroll is a nurse and medical missionary from England who has served in both New Zealand and Mozambique. She helps oversee the Aurora property and hosts guests who come to Aurora to do recordings and training. She enjoys providing health care to communities along the river. Bridget's blog.

Yazna Bueno is an architect from Mexico who trained with Wycliffe in Lima, Peru. She oversaw the construction of a recording studio at the Aurora training center and is collaborating with Anny on translation and recording projects.

Elliott and Alexa Toevs live at Aurora and have a vision of bringing the Gospel to the tribal peoples of the Amazon and beyond through agriculture. Elliott earned two degrees in Agriculture and Alexa received a degree in Secondary Education at the University of Idaho. They trained in agriculture at ECHO in Florida. For more information, you can visit Elliott and Alexa's Blog.

Roman, a graduate of a two-year Bible school, and his wife Lleni are a wonderful and hospitable couple who live at Aurora full time with their five children. Roman leads his whole family in lovingly caring for the whole property, ensuring the healthiest growth of trees and plants.